Monday, March 10, 2014

Reduced Produce Possiblities

Would you turn down fresh produce that is 50 - 75 percent cheaper than normal prices?  NO!  Either would I.    But getting quality is the key, and not always easy to do.

I go to a local produce market.  Locally owned and operated, it's a one location grocer.  Very small inventory.  I'm learning that Mondays are the day they pack up the less than prime fruits and veggies to go to their discount corner.

You need to be prepared to get what ever still looks good, and prep/cook it the same day.

Today I got one and a half pounds of yams for .49 a pound.  That's enough for a sweet potato/carrot soup this week.  I paid .77 cents!  I already have carrots and onions.  One box of chicken stock and I can make 8 quarts of veggie soup.  Total would be less than $3.00 for the entire pot!

Green peppers.  Only one had one little brown spot.  Two and a half pounds at $1.49 a pound.  Total spent $3.79.  Enough cut into strips for onions/peppers side dish or to accompany some sausage if I find a good price this week.  Enough diced and in the freezer for a chili dish later in the month.  Ends saved to go into a stock pot in the future (I freeze all carrot ends, onion skins and other veggie odds/ends)

Next, yellow squash and zucchini.  Perfectly fine.  Just shy of two pounds.  89 cents a pound.  Less than in season prices!  Total spent $1.70 and it's all chunked up to be sauteed with olive oil and garlic this evening by DH!

Finally Bananas.  I never pay usual price in the grocery store of .69 a pound.  I might sometimes buy 'cream of the crop' bananas at BJ's warehouse for .49 a pound.   Today at the produce market they had perfectly fine singles (some still green) bundled together for .39 a pound.  2.34 pounds cost me .91.  These will be for eating as snacks, and if there are any left I can make a quick bread.  If there aren't any left I still have some bananas in the freezer that were definitely baking ready.

Tltal spent for all this produce?  $7.17.    Enough to use in at least 5 savory meals (with multiple servings) plus snacking and perhaps a dessert.

I feel accomplished today...........

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