Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A spend week at the end of the month is never good.............

Today was not how I intended my lightest teaching day to be, but it's what happened.

DD has been sick for over a week.  Tried to get her into see my Dr's practice (though knew it wouldn't be with my Dr)  they said she wasn't a patient *yet*  They couldn't see her til she was 21 (mid April) and her pediatricians office said that she couldn't be seen by them as she was no longer a full time student (talk about a grey area!)  So, we went to an urgent care clinic in No Haven, and I must say I was impressed.    I registered her online, submitted information also online, printed out other forms and had them signed sealed and delivered for us to arrive by 930 am.  They took her into the exam room within 5 minutes.  Very clean waiting area.  Bottom line, she has an ear and throat infection and a horrible cough.

I told her one thing to be very grateful for is the medical coverage she will have til 26 (only thing I can appreciate Obamacare for) from her biological father.  Great coverage.  Scripts would have been over $100.00 and it was less than $13.00.    I also had to pick up a script, and had my new obamacare approved coverage card (though we don't qualify for any subsidies) and it was better than using the Walgreens Prescription plan.  Price was $10.00 cheaper, and went towards my deductible.   Still $46.00, but I've been having more chest tightening, so I really wanted to have a fresh inhaler on hand.

I also went for bloodwork this week (will get the bill later I'm sure) and then the cat had to go to the vet, for bloodwork, new prescription for her thyroid condition.

$200.00 charged this week.   Arrrgghhh, but couldn't be helped.

Did get the Mucinex Allergy 5 count at Walgreens, on sale 7.50-5.00 (2.50) and 3000 balance rewards points.  I thought I could even do the $2.50 rebate that was attached to the coupon in this weekends paper and MAKE money on the deal (not just break even with the rewards) but the rebate has to be dated between March and April dates............little misleading, but I still got it technically for free.

I did have $200.00 left in cash, but needed to go for stock ups. I also couldn't find any deals on what we we went to BJ's after the pharmacy. We were desperately out of crackers (got the Keebler crackers in a large tin, like saltines) WF brand sharp cheddar, Skippy Peanut Butter, unsalted Peanuts (cheaper buying the huge can rather than smaller jars from grocery stores) Pork Chops (2.99 a lb, we had no pork in the house other than sausages, and it was a want), tomato's, dole iceburg mix (so much cheaper here than anywhere else) large double bunch of celery 1.99 and Green Giant veggie mix.  Pampers wipes (DD and I use them for so many things, did have $3 off of this item) breakfast and chicken burritos (ok, this is a splurge, I could make them so much cheaper, but daughter really wanted them) Hebrew National Salami (so much cheaper than any other store) Rye and White Wheat Bread.  Shout laundry stain remover.  I am going to try and make the versions I've been reading about online in the empty bottle I have waiting in the basement.     All of this came to 133 cash out the wallet.  Ugh.

Now DD is sleeping, DH has had lunch and I'm having more coffee before I leave for studio.

I took last two packages of italian sausage out of freezer as well as one pound of grass fed ground beef (locally purchased from Meriden CT!) and ground veal (purchased on sale AND on the last day of the sale so it had $2.00 off stickers on it....score!)  As well as a lb of chopped ham (from one of our .99 cent deals last month).

Planned use for meals the rest of the week, meatballs or Meatloaf, ham and bean soup, sausage and peppers (will use savingstar deal) and cauliflower soup.

I'm still trying to not beat myself up too much for all the money that has gone out the door this week, and it's only Wednesday.

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