Thursday, January 23, 2014

This week's protein choices

This week we have cooked a spiral cut ham (and my Dad has been putting a huge dent in it himself) as well as chicken tenders (some as strips for me to add to salad, and the rest as chicken fingers) 4 chicken thighs and 2 frozen fish fillets.  

Our hardest hurdle to not trip over is that sometimes my Dad (who I love dearly) eats to excess.  Though the three of us have had ham for one meal, he has mainly consumed the rest of it himself.  That's ok, as we have plenty....My frustration lies in the fact that he sometimes makes himself ill, and doesn't always make the best choices for health.

Currently we probably have enough ham for 2 more plates, 2 chicken thighs left, one portion of fish left and enough strips for one more salad.

I wasn't very frugal today, as DH wanted a sub from the local produce market (I love CT Natural Foods!)  I picked that up for him, a loaf of Bread and Chocolate Ciabatta earmarked for tonight's pasta with Victoria Sauce (3.99 for a 40 ounce jar from Shoprite's Can Can sale).  I myself will have some from the freezer eggplant and mushrooms that DH will put in the oven before I get home tonight (2 shifts of teaching today)  I also purchased 2 tomatoes, a cucumber and a small bag of popchips (a weakness!)  $20.43 spent.

As I am still feeling under the weather, I haven't done the planned coconut/banana bread baking.  I might make it tomorrow if I can get everything prepped tonight when I get back home.  I fear that DH is right, I have a sinus infection.  Haven't felt myself in over a week!

The last protein for the week is 2 packages of grass fed locally purchased ground beef I took from the freezer.  More than likely that will be for Saturday, and probably prepared as grilled burgers.  It should be enough for a meal with leftovers.

I also plan on visiting Big Y at some point in the next few days, they have turkey breasts at .98 cents a lb (limit 4).  I plan on getting all four if I can make enough room in the freezer.

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