Thursday, June 8, 2017

Cooking last 10 days

We have only done our Saturday brunch (I teach so early we don't eat til I get out of work) out which is a weekend tradition on Saturday's.  We are regulars at a local restaurant, they know our order, LOL

What we have cooked/made has been used for many meals.

Sirloin tips with salad

Sirloin tips, leeks and mushroom soup

Salmon with broccoli and salad

Roasted turkey with mushrooms  (turkey was from the freezer)  Cooked carcass now in freezer for soup stock later in month.  We still eat soup unless the temperature is above 90 for days at a time.  Helps stretch the food budget.

Kohlrabi soup using two bulbs, turkey stock and meat culled from neck, leeks and kohlrabi greens.  Curry powder.  Yummo.

Cauliflower wraps (actually not bad) that DH used with Peanut butter, pulled pork, turkey and egg and tuna salad.  I am so proud of his increased veggie consumption!

Pulled pork (pork from the freezer)

Broccoli Rabe and Sausage (Rabe featured in a separate post)

Lots of fresh veggies in salads.

I am currently in semi remission with Crohn's.  Able to tolerate cooked veggies. Cannot have greens every day, even if cooked.  Learning which raw I can handle (celery not good for my body, though my mouth loves it!)

NO sweets, no baking.  No rice, no potatoes.  We are really watching the carbs right now.  DH is concerned that I not go overboard with him so I am having some bread (english muffin, piece of toast) with morning meals.

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