Thursday, June 8, 2017

Generosity of Neighbors

Our neighbors are 'homesteaders' and recently gave us a meat chicken they had raised (I will be honest, DH and I did not even taste it.  Pops roasted it when we were in the city and ate the entire thing.  He also forgot to save the carcass for me to make soup......grrrrrr) He did say it was different then the 'roaster' variety you can get at grocery stores.  Smaller and tasted 'gamier'.

They recently gifted us over two pounds of rabe that a friend of theirs had grown.  They gave me half of what they received.  So generous.  I was able to make two pots of greens.

Cooking last 10 days

We have only done our Saturday brunch (I teach so early we don't eat til I get out of work) out which is a weekend tradition on Saturday's.  We are regulars at a local restaurant, they know our order, LOL

What we have cooked/made has been used for many meals.

Sirloin tips with salad

Sirloin tips, leeks and mushroom soup

Salmon with broccoli and salad

Roasted turkey with mushrooms  (turkey was from the freezer)  Cooked carcass now in freezer for soup stock later in month.  We still eat soup unless the temperature is above 90 for days at a time.  Helps stretch the food budget.

Kohlrabi soup using two bulbs, turkey stock and meat culled from neck, leeks and kohlrabi greens.  Curry powder.  Yummo.

Cauliflower wraps (actually not bad) that DH used with Peanut butter, pulled pork, turkey and egg and tuna salad.  I am so proud of his increased veggie consumption!

Pulled pork (pork from the freezer)

Broccoli Rabe and Sausage (Rabe featured in a separate post)

Lots of fresh veggies in salads.

I am currently in semi remission with Crohn's.  Able to tolerate cooked veggies. Cannot have greens every day, even if cooked.  Learning which raw I can handle (celery not good for my body, though my mouth loves it!)

NO sweets, no baking.  No rice, no potatoes.  We are really watching the carbs right now.  DH is concerned that I not go overboard with him so I am having some bread (english muffin, piece of toast) with morning meals.

Farmer's Market Edgewood Park 6-4-17

Kohlrabi, $4
I used two bulbs and the greens in Hungarian Kohlrabi soup using
stock I made from a turkey neck on Sunday

Japanese white turnips from my Market Share Four Root Farm
I will steam the bulbs and use the greens in another dish

Swiss Chard, Chinese Baby Broccoli and Broccoli Rabe
(sorry a bit blurry)
Market Share

Radishes, red and green lettuce and pea shoots
Market Share

6 english muffins halved and frozen.  $15  Should last me at least two weeks

Beautiful sliced Wheat Bread.  $6.00 from 
City Seed stand. 

Friday, June 2, 2017

Nice Freebies

Catching UP

Not that I have many followers (of those that are, thank you)  Sorry I have been keyboard silent, but it's recital time, transition time, performance time, graduation time.  If you have kids you get it, if you are a music educator you get it even more. 

So, I won't be posting much for the next two weeks, but wanted to update you that I was still around, and still trying to be frugal.

Bird Update:

We had 4, I think only one survived.  The first to fly ended up breaking his neck by flying into the house.  I was home for that, heard the crash, ran outside to all the adult birds squawking around it.  It was sad, but part of life.  Another got smooshed by a vehicle in the street.  Not sure what happened to the third, but the fourth is now a teenager and still comes to visit me. 
So, I had to deal with empty nest syndrome again! 

Men are happy I will let them use the porch again. 
DD is on her first plane trip as an adult (meaning not with her parents)  Going with friends to Arizona for a week to stay at a resort.  This will be a bit stressful for me in the worlds climate, but only going within the country so hopefully no issues.
Two recitals coming up, with it goes the stress of setting up venue, program details, printing, insurance, yadda yadda. 
Been to several student school musicals, tonight is a pops concert.  Have 6 students in that.
I teach more in the summer quarter, college students return for summer lessons, helping with college prep and auditions for juniors and seniors in high school.
DH and I have had two getaways.  Not sure how we landed such good seats but we were in the third row for the final Ringling Bros. Barnum and Bailey Circus on Long Island

Not particularly a circus person, but went for the history of it being the final event.  I actually quite enjoyed it, was sad when the performance was done as it was quite good. 
Then we got FRONT ROW seats to a hypnotist/magician from the UK doing his first show in the US (NYC).  We really do not know how we lucked out on this one, but did get to participate in the show several times which DH loved.  I am not saying the name as I want to show you a picture of the stage before show time (not realizing I should not have, but it is such a great scene I want to share it with you)
August will mean a new Rock N Bows event with new shirt design
Beautiful rainbow on my drive home late last week
And last but not least, beautiful lilacs from my yard.  In my favorite color vase with my favorite carnival glass candy dish that I have filled with lavender blossoms.  This is my bedroom bureau.
Hope you all are doing great, and know I'm still reading your blog posts and comments, even if I am not typing much right now. 

May grocery shopping

My shopping totals only account for foodstuffs.  $593.36 but freezers were filled as well as deficiencies in canned goods replenished. 

May 1, BJ's wholesale  $155.88 Blueberries, Strawberries, mushrooms, thinkaddictive almond/pistachio cookies, Caesar dressing, ranch dressing, celery, cukes, romaine hearts, herb mix, sirloin tips, peanuts, milk, liquid egg whites, salmon, salami, Johnsonville threepack breakfast sausage, cheese, chobani vanilla and tomatoes. 

May 2, 64.19 Stop and Shop assorted ortego shells, kits, salsas, Goya can tomato sauce and chilies, two Goya beans, Two 1.3 lb packages of ground turkey breast, pork shoulder, boneless chicken breasts (split into 8 meal sized portions and frozen) lettuce, peppers

May 4  Shoprite   $9.00 3 cases Poland Springs Water and (2) eighteen count eggs (total after $2 kickback from Poland Springs)

May 7 Farmers Market $44.25 you can read all about the loot HERE

May 7 Produce Market $21.19 4 bakery items, yellow squash, green squash, tomatoes and a cucumber.

May 10 Stop and Shop $38.16 canned beans, Turkey Breast (thanks CTMOM!) Tic Tac's for DH and a case of water (coupon deal, couldn't resist), cherries, 10 lbs of potatoes. 

May 12 $20.65 all the men went out to dinner so I stopped at the CT fresh Food and Produce Market and got a quart of hot chicken veggie soup, a loaf of sourdough sliced and a lemon poppy seed loaf.

May 14 Farmers Market $27.50 4 English Muffins, 2 cinnamon rolls, 1 dulce de la lece cake, loaf of wheat bread (sliced!) 2 bunchs of broccoli rabe and a HUGE bunch of leeks.  DH came with me, hence all the sweets. 

May 15 BJ's Wholesale $62.72 20 ounces mushrooms, land o lakes light butter, cod, celery, 2 lbs green beans, bread, bacon, Lea and Perrins Worst sauce, fresh mooz. 

May 23 $149.82  BJ's Wholesale All meat or veggies plus milk