Friday, April 28, 2017

Meals 4/17 - 4/28

I'm going to admit, these last two weeks have been a blur.  We have eaten homemade food all but one night we were home (Chinese)  DH and I were away on business events 4/21 (a long time student was in the production of Fiddler on the Roof) 4/22 a convention that we attend where I get side work for music scoring (not this time though...)

4/17Monday DH grilled salmon with broccoli and rice

4/18Tuesday I started cooking for the week, pasta tuna salad (huge bowl) broccoli rabe with sausage that was grilled earlier in month and sliced/frozen for just this purpose.  Hardboiled 8 eggs and made a zucchini quiche (shredded and frozen end of the season)

4/19 I baked 4 chicken leg quarters

I tried to replicate a chili that DH loves from a New Haven spot called Order of Fries
Was sweet enough but not hot enough.  Back to the drawing board...errr cooking pot....
This week I made chicken vegetable soup with the leftovers
DH made his famous grilled chicken barbecue salad
Grilled sausage patties (last from PA trip) on rolls with fries and salad
I made sauce and meatballs.

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