Monday, April 3, 2017

Landscape Improvement and thinking ahead

I am slowly trying to replant all the plants that were on our property when my Grandparents first built it.  Mainly the low maintenance one's (not going to get into rosebush's again)
For some reasons that I now understand more, my Mother when I was a child removed a lot of the plants/shrubbery that I loved from the property.  Now that I'm the homeowner, I understand that the placement of these items were mainly the reason. 
Pussy willow.  I loved this shrub.  I loved seeing it bloom with it's little fluffy tails each year.  In investigating a new purchase (small bushes start at $45....OUCH) and also where they should be planted.........I now understand why she not only removed this one (against the foundation near the kitchen....roots can ruin piping and foundation.....)  But also the beautiful willow tree down in the lower part of the property (was near the now defunct septic tank....another no no)
But how could I find a frugal way to replant this favorite plant?
For $9.99 I purchased 8 stems from a local nursery.  Pussy Willows (and all willow members) release their own rooting hormone.  I recut each stem on an angle, and put it in water.  I hope to have roots in a few weeks.  Then I plan on gifting some of them to other family members with land (along with some instructions on where NOT to plant them)    So excited!

We also took advantage of the Home Depot Spring Black Friday Sale.  I put aside cash for gardening purchases each winter, so these funds were already allocated.  10 bags of black mulch, $20, 5 bags of miracle grow garden soil (I mix it with my own compost to add to raised beds) $10.00.  I only needed 3 bags, the other two are set aside for the Uncles BDay gift (table planter, soil and a few tomato/basil plants for him to tend to)

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