Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Spoke to Soon.....Storm got us in the end

Cardinal in lilac bush

So, just as we were finishing an early dinner around 5 pm (a treat for us as I work so late most nights) we lost power.  Ugh.    I was able to get somethings done or at least set up to be done before it got dark.  

I refilled the bird feeders

I filled the dishwasher and got it ready to go whenever the power came back on.

I broke down the rest of my dried oregano that was hanging in my office

And more fennel seeds that were also hanging in my office

I reassured Pops it would come back on and be ok.  He was in bed by 7.

DH and I read on our kindles til we wore them down, then we had an amusing few hours sitting in the candlelight and listening to what we could find on the shortwave radio.

We were in bed by about 930.   

All in all, it was a pleasant evening!  Power came on this morning, and we managed just fine. 


  1. We didn't lose power(crossing fingers because it's started snowing here AGAIN!)but College Boy had to dig out the compressor outside so it didn't get burned up with the vents on it clogging with snow.

  2. We didn't lose our power - which I really expected to happen! It sounds like you really made the most out of your night though. Glad your dad went to bed at seven so you could have a bit of peace... =)

  3. Power losses are nothing here in the PNW. The worst part is not having water as we are on a well. Other than that, I find power outages somewhat enjoyable, provided they don't last too long...I like being able to flush the toilets!


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