Thursday, March 9, 2017

I'm back! Working mini vacation

Was away for conference and a fiddle competition.  Of course since we were in PA for these events, we had to fit in a few days in my favorite getaway Lancaster county!

We did new things this trip, going to the Roots Auction and Farmers Market in Manheim PA.  Only open on Tuesdays.  This by far was the best one we have been to in PA, and I felt that way about the Green Dragon before now.  We purchased two baskets and talked to the people who made them.  One I will use for napkins, and a smaller notecard one for my Grandmother.   $25.00 for both, and they are signed by the maker.

 Wheat bread was 18 ounces, presliced.  Only 3 slices left.  We haven't even been home for 24 hours.  I did have 2 slices this morning!  Score for me.  Large quart jars (I think, pretty big) of 7 day sweet pickles, sweet hot pickles and hot pickled garlic.  $15

Quart of white mushrooms, $2.00.   Quart of Brussels sprouts $2.00.  2 avocados $1.50.  A book on the making of Charlie Brown Christmas, $6.00.  Two loaves of bread (wheat and asiago) plus a donut for DH, $6.  Soft pretzel sticks (8) cheese spread and bottled water, $4.45.   4 pairs of merino wool socks for Gpa P, $15

Freebies, dozen cookies from the onsite bakery at Kitchen Kettle Village, two coffee mugs, unlimited coffee from the three restaurants on premises.   Two bags of pretzels from Julius Sturgis PLUS one free soft pretzel with coupon.

Tour of Julius Sturgis Pretzel Factory which should be called a museum. $14 for the tour, well worth it for the history.   Here is a photo of a diorama  
The machine that replaced all the pretzel twisters

Original pretzel ovens

drying racks that are hauled up to attic to make the soft pretzels harder

I officially can do the pretzel knot

We spent another $20 on various pretzels to take home, including a large tin full.  We also had a B1G1F soft pretzel coupon.
DH's favorite soda was not found at the farmers market, so I found out we could go right to the source!  Reading Soda Works for two 12 packs of bottles in his favorite flavors.  Cheaper than the farmers market!  $22
We also went to Kauffmann's, got 1.75 lbs  of dried mangos for DD, 15 lbs of blue organic popcorn for the neighbors (they reimbursed me),  3/4 lb dried peaches (for me) quart of lemon yogurt and three 8 ounce containers of blueberry yogurt.  1/2 gallon of cider (for Mom) Honey Peanut butter (Gpa P) lemon fry pie (for me!) Quart of apples (DH) 3 Soft Pretzel 1.5 lb mixes. 1.75 lbs of Sesame Sticks (for me!)  2 lbs of Kluski Noodles$60.47
Last stop, stoltzfus meats  8 Meatpies (2 for Mom) liverwurst, applewood beef jerky, 2.5 lbs sausage grillers, 2 lbs of kielbasa, 8 beef sticks, liverwurst, 2 lbs sausage patties, ham loaf and two baked oatmeals (for me!!)  $99.39  
Biggest planned purchase?  I have been saving for this one for 2 years.  Was so excited I was almost crying.  King sized hand made quilt.  Signed and dated by the Amish woman who made it, Fanny Fisher.
Antiquing as well.  Here are a few highlights
Had my eye on this the last two trips, finally was down to my price range.  Original planters display container for nuts from a drugstore counter cafĂ©. 
Original Guldens jar, $4.00

Replacement crinkle glass vase that got broken in carpet install, plus a cute mini

Was a good trip. 


  1. We will be in Lancaster the end of April when my son has his last school concert. I can't wait to do some shopping. Do you ever go to the olive oil shop in Kettle Kitchen? They have the best olive mix. We love Kaufmanns. I might talk my dh in going to the Green Dragon. I have found good prices on bulk food at the Bird in Hand market too. Cheryl

    1. Hi Cheryl, we actually have an oil store near us in Branford and another in Mystic I think. Have fun when you go!

  2. Replies
    1. Hi CTMOM. DH was unsure of my reaction when we found it. I was so emotional.

  3. The quilt is stunning, congratulations! It sounds like you had a great time!

    1. Thank you. It really makes me smile. Love PA, so glad that many music events I participate in are there.


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