Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The Chaos

Part of shipping Dad to Florida allows us to do renovations and projects around the house.      His trip plans were changed, and he was only away for 2.5 weeks, not the 5.5 we had planned for.     Threw a wrench in the works.

We did get the garage reorganized with new cabinets, shelves and workbenches.     But the carpeting, with the moving of everything into the none carpeted rooms was to happen after he returned.  Is there such a thing as too many books?


I have been using every Spare minute to move things.    Empty bookcases.   Pack up daughters belongings safely.     On top of this Mom is now losing the vision in the one eye that still had some.    She is stressing, about her own life progression and my vision.    She doesn't believe that I do not have what she has (wet macular degeneration).  

Pops (who lives with us) doesn't handle change well.     The moving of things into other rooms threw him off.    People being in the house threw him off.     The movers moving the furniture threw him off.    Not being able to eat constantly threw him off. Lots of cursing.    Yelling.   I had to stay home until DH could get home.  

I also had two asthma attacks during the removal of all the carpets.   I know it was from this as I felt better immediately upon going outside each time.    Inhaler only helped a little.   Not as strongly as it usually does.

Think all this black crap had anything to do with it?

And then.   THE 18 Month old Whirlpool Duet Washer stopped working.    ARGGGHHHH

I am typing this in the waiting room of my Mothers eye specialist.     I then have to take her to bank, post office and grocery shopping.    All before I have to be at the studio to teach for 2 pm.

Appliance servicing scheduled to arrive between 2-3 pm.    DH is coming home early.  

This is a typical day.    Not upset, it is what our lives are.    Just have to go with the flow and keep smiling.  

At least the new carpeting looks great.


  1. Oh my, big changes!
    Did you treat the wood floors underneath for the mold before covering them back up?

  2. Oh, sanded and polished, those floors would have been gorgeous.

  3. Beautiful color and texture in the new carpeting. Not sure what the black stuff was. . I once pulled up a 5 y.o. carpet from a bedroom (we installed it so know how it was treated) that was vacuumed almost daily. The cloud of dust made me gag, triggered my asthma. : ( Never again. Found a home without carpeting, I am thrilled. : )

  4. I'm curious as to why you didn't just keep the wooden floors, especially if you have asthma. Don't the chemicals aggravate it?

    You are dealing with unique challenges, Sandie. It's got to be so stressful. I'm sorry your mom is losing her sight. As for your dad... I don't like change either and I hate having people in my house so I guess I'm catching a glimpse of what my fate might be. Oh and I love eating all the time too!

    What did you do with all the books?

  5. Going to try and answer all the comments in one reply. The floors were cleaned up and the new padding has a water and fume barrier. We would have preferred the floors be. Sanded and refinished, and it would have actually been cheaper......but we had time constraints (quotes we got were 2-3 days out of the house) as well as the pros and cons of additional stress. Asthma is aggravated more by mold and cold. So far so good. With new carpeting. the books are slowly being put back into their cases. Will take photos when everything is back in place. We are juggling a lot. Today I unfortunately looked at my mom with unintentional horror as her good eye started bleeding while shopping. My poor Mom. DH went and ordered new old fashioned no computer top loading washer. Coming Friday. May tag. I have had it with fancy front loaders. Went through 2 in 10 years. I loved my whirlpool duet, but useless after 18 months?!? Thanks for commenting ladies!

  6. So sorry for all the stress.

    Sorry about your Mom's vision. I hope things turn around and everything settles down very soon for your family.



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