Monday, January 2, 2017

New Year, New Plan

I started this blog to help me save $1000 a month.  I have met that goal. We put aside money into a HSA, a SEP account (similar to an IRA/401K) and savings.   I hope to up it to $1500 a month.

I also am going to take a page from Carol at CTONABUDGET and start planning meals.  I'm going to try and post a goal menu at the beginning of each week and then post what actually happened (as Sluggy at Don't Read this it's Boring sometimes does)

So, in keeping with that plan I will be making the following from the freezer/pantry

January 1, leftovers from December 31st (hopefully there will be)
January 2 roasted turkey, stuffing, squash, mushrooms
January 3 leftovers make stock and freeze
January 4 baked ziti/stuffed shells homemade bread
January 5 leftover pasta
January 6 chili (beef or ground turkey) homemade cornbread
January 7 turkey soup

I will repost this plan with what actually happened on January 7th

I have also become much more organized.  I made many more quality gifts this year.  I already got my thank you notes done.  I mailed out my Christmas Card list and packages way before the rush.  I planned and baked.  I wasn't so exhausted that I didn't enjoy the moment.  DH and I paid cash for many things.  We used charged cards wisely by only using those that gave us something back and paying them off within the month of use.

I hope to become even more organized and creative.  I plan to make more time for me.  To be more in the moment.  More at peace.  Give myself and other's more grace.  Try to be kind and patient.  Work more on trying to find an even balance for my health.  Stay in shape and perhaps get into even better shape.  Plan to work more in my garden. Find the formula that works for my body and my diagnosis of Crohn's disease.

Have more no spend days.   No drive days might be harder.  

Keep stricter financial records.  

I am very lucky to have a strong usually patient husband.  I am grateful for him every day.  I am happy that my DD has grown to be an independent self sufficient (for the most part) young woman.  I am proud that she made it through the busy season at the USPS her first year.  Sure, she called frustrated and angry sometimes.  But she made it through.  She saw a lot of people get hired and quit.  She handled it with strength. 

I hope all of those who read this are finding peace and fulfillment.  Happy New Year.   Share your goals and dreams if you like.  


  1. Congratulations on hitting your first goal - that is awesome! Your post speaks to all of the great progress you've made, and how you've gotten your priorities aligned. That is amazing, and something most people never quite get a handle on. Keep it up!!

  2. Sandie, it really sounds like you got a great handle on things in 2016, kudos to you! Saving $1,000 a month is wonderful!

    I should have added "Be more kind and more patient" on my own list, damn it. Maybe next year :)

    I also want to track No Spend Days. I think we had some last year, but I didn't record them as such so I'm not sure. Some days it feels like all I do is spend money, especially around the holidays because no matter what my resolutions, I love giving lots of gifts at Christmas time! So I'm hoping that tracking them will make me think twice the next time I want to spend something (and Greg too!).

    I look forward to reading about your progress in 2017 and I hope you find a good balance between what you like to eat and cook and what your body will allow you to consume without too much (any?) pain.


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