Monday, January 30, 2017

January Grocery Purchases and a bit of Gpa P humor

Food stuffs only Final spend $548.52.    Lots of chicken breasts purchased and frozen.  Seafood frozen.   Since February will be an easier month (Gpa P now on his way to FL)

1/8 first Shop of the new year.   $127.46

BJ's warehouse.    Gallon of milk, Rye bread, twin pack friehofers white bread, twin pack Panera potato soup, four pack Panera broccoli soup, guacamole, salmon, sirloin tips, pistachios, parsley, bananas, four pack carton egg whites, 2 lbs Hebrew national salami, lb of turkey breast, lb of land o lakes white American cheese.    This trip was requested by DH as he wanted me to pack lunches this week.    I also wanted salmon.

1/9 2nd shop of the new year $49.94

Stop and Shop.  two 35 packs of spring water, 96 ounces of almond milk (DR told me to start drinking it again), Campbell's Why Yes soup (FREE), Natures Promise Organic Turkey cutlets, organic ground turkey breast and organic chicken cutlets (Had a save 5 on 20 purchase of Nature's promise on my customer card) Large Bunch celery, 5 lbs carrots, 4 assorted peppers, 3 advocados, 1 bibb lettuce (the only kind I can eat) Had $2 off of produce.  I thought this was a GREAT haul.

1/12 Shoprite. $49.39 Almost out of Tuna, and wanted to add to the tomato case stockpile.  This time I wanted diced tomatoes.  4 cans Bumble Bee Solid White, 4 Cans Chunk White, 3 Shoprite Organic vegetable Stock, 2 College Inn Vegetable Stock, 3 ChiChi's salsa, 2 cases Tuttoroso diced tomatoes, 1 case Tuttoroso Crushed, 2 lbs of ground pork, 1 lb of broccoli rabe, 4 pack cherry turnovers.

1/12 Ocean State Job Lot, 2 cases of Polar Dry Orange Seltzer, a tube of anchovies and a container of oregano.  $18.48

1/16 Stop and Shop $82.29 before rebate apps
Loaf of Martin's butter bread and Levy's seedless rye (which Gpa P saw the day I bought it and it was down to two slices in less than 48 hours, sigh) Horizon organic mozz sticks and get an equivalent of Natures Promise free (thanks Carol of Ctbargainmom for making me aware to watch for these deals), 3 Breakstone sour cream (because Gpa P ate an entire lb of it like icecream, even with me saying you know that's not yogurt....and then asking him why he bothered to put it all in a bowl?), 1/2 lb of deli roast beef and turkey breast, 4 Progresso French onion (had a paper coupon $1, had a stop and shop personal coupon $1 got $1 back savingstar AND a stop and shop card deal buy 4 pay $3, so they were FREE), 10 green giant veggies (49 cents each when you buy 10), Kens 16 ounce creamy Italian (.75 back checkout51), 4 Ronzoni pastas (.69 each) Hellmann's organic mayo and a natures promise organic free, 4 cans starkist tuna, 2 perdue shortcuts (for DH lunches), Oscar Meyer bacon and got a SS bacon FREE, Natures Promise frozen chicken meatballs, 2.64 lbs of 85% lean (froze in two packages), 1 lb of chili thick grind ground beef and 1 lb of store made meatballs. 

1/19 $122.69 BJ's did this trip day after all the Dr's appointments, but did not want to miss out on the 1.69 a lb BSCB sale.  It's still going on, don't miss out!  15 lbs of Chicken, 10 lbs of which I froze in meal sized portions.  Olives, 3 dozen eggs, lettuce, peppers, 4 lbs of shredded cheese, beef jerky, salsa, 2 lbs of Hebrew national salami, 2 lbs of mushrooms, bagel thins and 90 count starbucks k cups (just opened last box and there was a limited time 6 dollar off coupon)

1/24 Stop and Shop  98.27
2 60 calorie low carb wraps (froze one) a lb of turkey breast, 3/4 lb of roast beef, 3/4 lb American cheese, stand and stuff taco shells, fajita boats, b1g1f chi chi fajitas (froze one), 2 bags of potato chips, store brand italian sausage was $2.00 a lb, so I bought a little over 5.5 lbs between sweet and hot.  8 piece fried chicken, 2.5 lbs of prepared fruit, 2 lbs of pistachios, 1.29 lbs of tomatoes, 2 lbs of frozen shrimp.  

I wasn't sure what DH would want to hold his beef taco mix, so I bought some different products.  I will use the remaining to make chicken fajitas in coming weeks, as well as to hold sandwich fixings.  All meat was frozen in meal size packages.  Chicken was packed up for the rest of the week's work lunches for DH.  (He ate the wings when I got home) 

I didn't plan on getting anything other than the Mexican meal items, tomatoes, deli meats/cheese and the fried chicken.  The fruit was for DH to get some healthier lunch options, and the shrimp and sausage were an excellent price.   So, a bit over the January budget, but I am pleased.  I plan on doing a cost comparison with the USDA reports for meal plan costs and what I purchased this month just for a giggle. 



  1. I know it's frustrating for you but I have to laugh at Grandpa P. He's like a little kid....lolz

    And comparing what we frugal spending vs. the US Cost of Food Plans is always good for a laugh. ;-)

    1. He is a little kid who still has a drivers license in his wallet and likes to smoke cigars LOL

  2. What does BSCB stand for? I don't shop at BJ's but I'm just being curious.

    I'm laughing at Grandpa P eating all the bread (can't blame him, I loooove bread too!) and the sour cream in a bowl! We have a "cheese" in France called Fromage Blanc ("White Cheese"), which is a cross between sour cream and plain yogurt, I guess, and even though it had the word "cheese", you eat it as a dessert, either plain or with sugar or jam mixed in. The other day I was eating a tsp of Aldi light sour cream and thinking that it reminded me of another French dessert called Petit Suisse ("Little Swiss"), that children are particularly fond of. No equivalent here, but oh boy that sour cream tasted just like it. I was tempted to add some sugar to it to eat it just like a "Petit Suisse"!

    I think you got some great deals this month, way to go to use the rebate apps and your Customer Loyalty cards to get even better deals!

    1. Boneless skinless chicken breasts. It just throws a kink in the works when he eats so much sometimes. We plan ahead for leftovers or for My Husband's lunches and suddenly I have more work to do because what I thought was already prepared is now gone. But it is what it is and he does give all of us a good laugh


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