Monday, November 7, 2016

Getting Back in the Cooking Groove

Yesterday I made stew.  I had beautiful already chunked filet mignon (from a previous meal) in the freezer.  2 lbs worth.  I assembled two crock pots. Also a sourdough baguette to go with.  Leftovers to be dished up with some going home with Uncle.

The oval one is just a true meat and potatoes (plus onions and a lb of carrots, but don't tell anyone)

The round one is my heaven.  I will pay, but the medication at least is keeping me pain free.  (I have Crohn's, and though I was told to eat no raw, very very mushy cooked veggies is on the ok radar, but even in small quantities veggies are not my friend.  Funny for someone who always preferred veggies, and in retrospect yes, I suffered a long time.  I just though that was the price for a high fiber diet.  Potato, Sweet Potato, onion, carrot, turnips, mushrooms.  Only a 1/4 lb of that meat went into this one.  I know Gpa P will dig into whichever one floats his boat at the moment of attack, but this is the one I will have a serving out of.

Today (Monday) I will be at home in the morning and apparently will have the house to myself from 630 am.  (Friends are picking up Gpa P for breakfast and a day at the 'club').  I plan on making lasagna (already have all the fixings in the house....noodles, ricotta, mozz and I will use jarred sauce) That will be for dinner and leftovers for lunches as well.

two trays accomplished!  It's amazing what I can accomplish when alone.  

This week I will also be preparing Swiss Chard with Sausage, and I took BSCB out of the freezer.  I still feel blah aka blue but I am doing what is right for the family's health and the pocketbook.  No takeout!

If you read my Farmers Market post for 11/6/16 you read that I purchased a huge zucchini.  Here it is:

I took out the seeds and ran it through the food processor with a shredding disk
I also ran three onions through the processor as well. 
The foreground bag is enough zucchini and onion for 2 quiches if not 3
The background bag also has the last of the mozzarella I had shredded but didn't use in the lasagna as well as grated cheese.  Just need to add eggs and a bit of biscuit mix.  I flattened both bags out and added to the freezer.
What are you cooking this week?

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