Sunday, October 2, 2016

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                                         Got two samples, only ordered what we needed and only
                                                                       $2.96 OOP!


  1. I hope you can address this food question: my DD was officially diagnosed with IBS today and is to follow 2 diets: the GERD diet ( as well as the FODMAP diet( Can you steer me to some easy substitutions and/or recipes? For example, turkey tettrazini was on deck for tonight, instead, I will make turkey divan using brown rice, broccoli, unsweetened almond milk and oil for the dairy usually used in my recipe. I will thicken the sauce with a corn starch slurry. I am thinking substitutes, such as lentils for beans in chilli but don't wish to start buying meat substitutes which tend to be processed, salty, expensive. Appreciate your thoughts.

  2. I agree, do not buy any processed meat substitutes. I think right now it will be a process of elimination for both you and her. Every 'body' reacts differently to food stuffs. Even things on my 'ok list' per my physician do not work well for me. I tend to eat alot of vegetables, but have to remove all seeds, some skins (tomato skins are not good, but potato for me ok) I think your Turkey Divan will be just fine, but the broccoli should be very soft. I myself cannot handle any legumes now, no nuts (though I can eat a little smooth peanut butter on occasion ) No seeds (even a few sesame seeds caused pain) I find salmon to work wonders when I don't feel well. I eat alot of very soft vegetables, rice and fish. I try to limit beef. I never ate pasta, but my go to replacements are a no no now too. So now I eat a half cup of cooked when we have it. I limit portions, suggest very small meals just more of them. I had to cut back on coffee, so I only have two or three cups at home in the morning (no longer getting a venti on the way to work in the afternoon) The delicious herbal iced teas were also upsetting me. Soy upsets me. Commercially made cider donuts upset me, but eating fresh from the farmstand (or amish area)do not. Chocolate is not good for me. Dairy (only a few yogurts don't upset my stomach). Almond milk is a go to. Rices are ok. Again, smaller meals very important. I don't eat my cauliflower soup anymore (though I want to) but I can eats butternut squash soup. I do make broccoli/cheddar soup (no milk, just veggie broth and limit the cheese) but I know I will not feel well if I have more than a small (less than 4 ounces) serving. Oatmeal also is soothing. Hope I have been helpful. I don't follow any recipes for the situation, I just create with things that I know will work.

  3. Congratulations on all those goodies from for only $2.96! I hope you get more referrals!


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