Friday, September 9, 2016

The day of freebies

First, met my friend at Panera early this morning.    I got the Mediterrean power sandwich (and have been suffering stomach wise was delicious, and healthy.    But the raw spinach and the whole grain flatbread apparantly is the healthy stuff that Crohn's disease in my body doesn't like.    Anyway, DH texted requesting a breakfast sandwich.     I obliged, and as I ordered I noticed I had a free half sandwich!     I have been more diligent in using my Panera card.    Today I reaped the rewards!    Got my DH A FREE steak and arugula for lunch.  Imagine, 6.39 for half s sandwich.    


I got several reusable bags from a friend.  Thanks G!

Went to CVS.   Got 4 boxes of oatmeal and a small bag of m and m's.   I used $1.75 in ECB's, paid $13.21 using an earned gift card and got 3.75 in ECB's back.   

I also loaded this freebie to my Stop and Shop card.  


Last but not least, my chatterbox from Bush's Scirarcha beans arrived!     That will be another post.    


  1. Seriously, $6.39 for half a sandwich is a joke, isn't it? I mean their sandwiches are good but not THAT good, IMO. So double yay for the freebie!

    You did very well today, congratulations!


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