Monday, September 12, 2016

City Seed Edgewood Market 9/11

I wish I could just call this post Four Root Farm of East Haddam.       If only they sold their beautiful produce right from the farm.    It would be a lovely drive, and then we could still get their produce.    Or perhaps a CSA where I pick it up.    Would not be a frugal choice.    It is not just around the corner.   I will miss their produce.   

2 pounds of onions, 1 pound of shallots, 3 pounds of okra (already blanched and frozen) 5 beautiful peppers.    

A pound of the sweetest tomatoes ever

And of course Swiss chard.     I think I will blanch this and freeze for the winter.   


  1. They do have some beautiful produce and have been very good to you this season! Have you mentioned to them that you don't plan on returning to Edgewood next year? I wonder if they couldn't offer you some sort of solution that you possibly could have overlooked? I'm sure you have turned every stone but you never know....Plus this way they know/understand that it wasn't anything the farm did or did NOT do when you don't end up renewing your share. Just a thought...

    1. I plan on having a face-to-face discussion with Rachael, the farmer who usually is at the Sunday market. I have been so pleased with this farm and their product. I will make it quite clear that they are not the reason I'm not renewing. And hopefully I can come up with some other solution. I know that they sell some of their produce at a store in the Haddam area, but we're rarely in that part of the state. Hopefully we can come up with a solution that I can continue to work with this amazing farm.


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