Thursday, August 11, 2016

Free Cheerios and money back!

This was a money maker.     I bought two 12 ounce boxes of Cheerios and one snickers bar at CVS.  

I paid with a $5.00 ECB.  OOP was zero.    I got $1.75 back in ECB AND I will get back a dollar from SavingStar.   

Thank you CVS.   I love that we can use ECB and still earn ECB in the same order.      Not like Walgreens (boo hiss)


  1. We bought the same things! i agree about Walgreens, i made the mistake last week to redeem Balance Rewards points on a more expensive than usual trip so i didn't earn any addtional BR points. I should have split my purchase! Boo, hiss indeed. Headed back to CVS this morning, I hope they restocked their Diet Dr Pepper.

    1. I give you the credit to remind me that I had the saving star rebate saved to my account.


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