Sunday, August 7, 2016

City Seed Farmers Market

Sorry, no photos today.   Had to rush to put everything away so that we could get on the road to be in Brooklyn by 1 pm.    We went to a Star Wars Marathon of the first 3 released films.   Was fun, especially when friends joined us.   Sitting through one movie is A big deal for me. I did make it through two and I would've stayed for the third, but DH decided I had enough.    We got home at 10:30 pm.   Anyway, back to the share......

From Four Root Farm.    Red beets (I like them better than the orange ones last week). I also saved the tops to sauté.    Red onions (saved the tops for soup or stock) 2 bunches of Swiss chard.   2 huge slicing tomatoes and a pound of salad tomatoes.  Out of market share

4 ears of corn $2.00

A sourdough boule and an olive sourdough boule 8.75.  

2 pastries and three English muffins $13.50


  1. Yum, all this talk of boule bread is making me want to make a batch of boule bread dough!

    I don't even know how you made it through 2 movies in a row! I would if i were at home and I could pause so I can change position or go to the bathroom or get a snack (and do something online at the same time because nowadays it seems that I can never watch a show or movie without surfing the web or doing some online task at the same time!). Sitting through just movie in a movie theater is torture for me nowadays! Still, seeing the original Star Wars movies on such large screens must have been awesome.

    How long does it take you to go to Brooklyn? Do you drive? Take a train? It sounds so exotic to say "I'm going to Brooklyn to watch a Star Wars Marathon" when you live in a tiny rural town in Central Florida!

    1. I hate movies. I have trouble sitting still. Even at home I putter, constantly doing things. But I did it! We drove, 2 hours. Train would have been almost as long as we would have had to taken a subway after the train. DH would rather be in car.


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