Friday, July 29, 2016

July grocery shopping

6/29 Stop and Shop, 2 Stoks 48 ounce cold brewed coffee (3.00 in coupons!) Gallon 2% milk, Honey Ham, Roasted Chicken, Roasted Turkey and American cheese from the deli, Turkey Hill Ice Cream, two 35 count spring water cases, Value Packs of chicken thighs (4.31 lbs) and drumsticks (4.56 lbs), Ground Beef (1.48 lgs), Ground Turkey (20 ounce), London Broil (4.82 lbs), Cherries, Bananas, Watermelon, Marie's cole slaw dressing (B1G1F), 10 lbs of potatoes, 2 bags of Dole Coleslow mix.  $88.80.  I thought this was a GREAT HAUL.

7/3 produce market, 2.68 lbs of eggplant, 2 loaves of bread from the bakery and 2 bottles of water (we didn't go to the farmers market)  12.68

7/5 produce market Bibb lettuce (I can eat this!) Iceburg lettuce, .82 lbs plum tomatoes, cherries, two stuffed breads, 4 Del's lemonades, 20 ounces of mushrooms and 4 prepared breaded and fried chicken cutlets.   $52.11

7/6 Stop and Shop Reduced Bakery croissants (froze most) Wonder brad, Nellies Nest eggs, Gallon milk, roasted turkey, chicken and beef from deli (I only buy enough at a time for 1 or 2 sandwiches), 8.9 ounce cheerios, JC Pie bites candies (free with SS card), Whole watermelon, cherries (If DH asks for healthy foods I am making sure they are always in the house, he eats it, I replenish), blueberries.  $41.08

7/7 Big Y LOL spreadable butter, 4 packages of Jones turkey/chicken sausage, Yasso frozen yogurts, another head of Bibb lettuce.  $23.33

7/9Shoprite three 48 ounce bottles of Stok cold brewed coffee.  $11.07 after $3.00 in mfr coupon.

7/10 farmers market 46.00

7/10CVS four 11 ounce bottles of starbucks iced coffee $11.24 (after 30% off coupon and $2.00 mfr)

7/11 BJ's warehouse, large tub of pretzels, one bag of DH favorite chocolate chip cookies, salmon (fresh), cod (frozen fillets) two big slabs of ribs (had $5.00 off coupon), salsa, almond milk, two loaves of sliced bread (froze one) $70.03

7/12 produce market.   Cherries, strawberries, blueberries, assorted melons, lemon poppy seed bread.  $54.50.   Anything to get DH to eat fresh produce.

7/13 BJ's $2.73  yes, that's correct.  I had a 20 dollar reward.  We got more fruit, Stacey's pita chips and guacamole.

7/17. Farmers Market $28.00

7/17 produce market FREE uncle treated to reciprocate all the Starbucks I get him.   8 cooked chicken cutlets, pound sausage, iceberg lettuce and tomatoes.

7/18 Shoprite 55.53 for 4 large cans Boticelli EVOO (9.99 a can, enough for at least 6 months), cherries, dozen eggs, 2 Stoks Iced coffee and 3 yogurts.

7/19 Stop and Shop, 3 cases of 35 bottles water, 4 oatmeal, 3 puffed rice snacks 37.55

7/23 Lobsters right from lobster man.    3 at 1.5 lb each, 3 at 1.75 lb each and 2 lbs of blue crabs.  $69.00!!  Technically vacation budget, but wanted to list it here. 

7/24 Big Y hot dog rolls.   7.00

7/24 Farmers Market 24.25

7/24 CT Natural produce market

Prepared chicken cutlets, three lbs sweet/hot Longhini sausage, two large beefsteak tomatoes and a head of cabbage.   $22.42

Over budget as this all comes in at 657.32.   I think Lobsters/Crabs should technically be part of vaca budget (which we came in under) but I will leave it here.  Another 90 dollars of purchases from 7/18 and 7/19 haven't even been touched.   So I think I hit my goal of $500.00.   (498.32)

August I am going to try and see if I can do 400.  Think I can?  I sure will try!  The Market Share will be used as much as I can, with prepping and freezing for the winter months.  

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  1. I think you got some great deals this month!!!


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