Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Fourth of July Day Book

I am borrowing this idea from Nathalie at imperfectlyfrugally.blogspot.com       And will posting a day book whenever. I have a day off.   

Outside my window... it's sunny and cool.    I am watching two male bluejays arguing.

I am thinking... that I would like my stomach to stop hurting.   

I am thankful for...   My daughter coming home last night and here til Tuesday.

From the learning rooms... I am trying to learn Pennyslvania Dutch.  We are in Lancaster area at least four times a year ( sometimes music, sometimes pleasure). We do enough business with Plain folk that I would like to be able to use their language too.   DH is fluent in German and I have an understanding of Spanish and Italian (but find it easier to reply in English).   I also grew up hearing my Paternal Grandmother speaking in a combination of German/Italian with my Great Grandmother. (Though Italian, they lived in Austria)

From the kitchen...  I am roasting patty pan squash.

I am wearing... Nightgown still.   Being lazy. 

I am creating... nothing right now. NOTHING.

I am going... to visit a few people today.

I am reading... Almost Amish by Nancy Sleeth

I am hoping... that all my students who traveled to Germany are having a great time. 

I am hearing... birds

Around the house... DH is watching the Twilight Zone Marathon and I am enjoying a cup of coffee whilst reading.

One of my favorite things... coffee!

A few plans for the rest of the week... teaching.  Maybe a bit of baking.  Trying to get back into doing my 10K steps.  


  1. Hi there Ms Sandie, thanks for stopping by my blog and yay for posting a Day Book! Aren't those fun to do and read?!

    I burst out laughing when I read your "I am creating... nothing right now. NOTHING." LOL. That is pretty much every Day Book for me, I think. If I do find something to put in that category, it's because I've had to be creative in just thinking about something to put in there!

    Ohh, you're a teacher! What do you teach? Have you guys not started summer vacation yet?

    Your story about your grandparents speaking a mixture of Italian and German because they were Italians who grew up in Austria illustrates perfectly a comment I made yesterday when Pixel and I were discussing not teaching our kids (born here) our native languages, about my SIL's SIL who is attempting to raise her young children to be trilingual (she's from Argentina, her husband is French but they live in Germany). I was wondering if indeed her kids would actually be trilingual or if they would end up using some kind of Spanish/French/German esperanto. I hear that with hispanic people who grew up here, in Central Florida. Many times half their dialogue will be in English smack in the middle of speaking Spanish. That's interesting that you want to learn Pennsylvania Dutch. I think the Amish would certainly appreciate the effort.

    I hope your stomach feels better! Have a great day.

    1. Hi Nathalie! My friend connected me to your blog. Schools are out here (some since end of May, most since mid June) I own a private music school, and teach year round. I teach bowed strings, piano and special needs students. Today is a good stomach day (so far!) Enjoy. Thanks for commenting.

    2. Oh yes, I remember you saying something about teaching music now. How awesome. I wish I had musical talents. Alas they were bestowed on my two oldest sons (trumpet - he just graduated with a Jazz Studies degree, and bass & trombone/euphonium), my brothers (guitar, self-taught), my daughter (singing) and most of my cousins (piano, harp, violin...). Me? I'm just good at babbling. My husband says that my accent makes me sound like a bubbling brook so I guess that's kind of musical, eh?

      One of my sisters-in-law is a professional violinist (with the Opera Orchestra of Marseille in France). I love all the string instruments! And the piano... sigh, I really do love them all, what can I say. You have a beautiful profession, it must be very rewarding to see young people being able to play a piece and know that you've taught them how to find that talent within themselves. I really envy you!


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