Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The avalanche of appliances dying continues

Calgon take me away! (trademarked slogan)

All of the appliances in our home were purchased at the same time. 10 years ago. In the last two months we have replaced the microwave,  the washing machine, the refrigerator needed a repair…and now the oven. (Don't forget the car repairs recently!)

Sunday morning while roasting some squash, our power went out. I was not aware of this as I was in the shower. When I came out the oven was off. And I noticed that a lot of other items that I knew had been on we're also off. My husband said that the power had gone out but had come back on within five minutes.

I walk over the stove hit the bake button.....nothing. Turn the burner on......nothing. My husband goes to the circuit breaker box and again nothing.   Upon further inspection, he found that the grounding wire had come loose and fused itself to the back of the stove, thus shorting out the entire unit.   Ugh.   

So, we start talking about options.   He calls his electrician cousin who says repairs would be basically replacing all computer and electrical components.    Not worth it.   We look into having propane installed, which my husband has always wanted to do.    Just installation is not in our budget (DH still hasn't found a new job).   So sticking with electric is what we have to do.   

I was hoping to not go over $700.  Unfortunately, that wasn't the case.  DH definitely dislikes cooking on electric.  He said if he has to get another electric, he was going to get the one he wants most.  It was also one that I have secretly coveted.  So, we put the cash I had down on it, and the rest we got interest free financing for 6 months.  I don't see a problem with budgeting this to make sure we do not pay any interest.   I have been trying very hard these last few years to budget wisely and save.  That's why we should all have 'an emergency fund'. 

This is what we got.  Very well rated, Energy Star, Dough proofing, Dehydrating, Two ovens, both convection, warming drawer, instant boil burner, griddle pan burner.  Even a Sabbath setting (not that we follow the faith, but we like that it's there)


  1. Wow! Lots of bells and whistles with that stove! Happy cooking!

  2. That's a pretty stove! I live in fear of that happening to us - we've lived here 17 years and the gas cooktop and electric oven were here probably 7-8 years before us. The gas cooktop doesn't scare me $$wise - but the wall oven does - replacing it isn't an option since we cannot find one to fit in its space - we've looked. We would have to do a Renovation just for stove - way way way out if our emergencies budget


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