Thursday, June 2, 2016

Diagnosis and Medical Bills

Chronic Ulceritive Colitis and Crohns disease.   

No cancer!

Lots of scarring.  Seems I have had it for a long time and it explains alot of the pain I have been experiencing (both internal and joint)

Will need to go on maintenance medication.   Waiting for biopsy to come back before the plan is determined.  

Still no salads.  😥

But at least now we can move forward without worrying (so much).   

I came home today and called the hospital to work out an interest free 48 month payment plan.  A little higher than I wanted, but we will make it work.  Original balance before insurance knock down and payments was almost 20k.  I owe 6500.  

Most of individual bills for Dr's and scans/xrays have already been paid out of HSA or by our medical plan. (So grateful I have always provided this for our family.   With DH out of work losing medical would have been a disaster)  

I then opened the ambulance bill that arrived today.  Got my last name wrong, so I called them right away.  They also listed the call location as my residence (was the studio)  I then gave them insurance information and they will submit for me.   Let us hope they cover some of it.  That bill was $1350.00

Still need to see what the scopes, facility, anesthesiologist, gastroenterologist and biopsy lab costs will be from this week. 

Now to get my attention on something really important.  RECITALS! 


  1. Sorry to hear this diagnosis but so glad the problem has been identified and no cancer was found.
    Now you can get a handle on this.

    $6K isn't bad considering full retail was $20K, but it still sucks to have to pay your part.

    I about fell over when I saw the ambulance price!
    Yikes!! Ambulance service is expensive in CT. We have volunteer ambulances here and EMTs are paid by the city/county. I think if you don't donate to your local ambulance squad a ride can cost you $300 OOP, less if you support your squad.

    Glad all this is almost all in your rearview mirror.....

  2. Sluggy, it was a town squad. We were shocked. They even charged me mileage for the 16 mile ride to Yale. DH thought since it was the local truck and I am a taxpayer it would be along the line of what you were thinking. I will keep you posted on what happens after insurance.

  3. When I fell and broke my arm last Spring: $1400 ambulance bill. Luckily, ins covered it. Sorry for the diagnosis, it's hopefully manageable for you, and not as serious as the dreaded cancer. Be well!


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