Sunday, May 29, 2016

Frugal Activities

I have taken an idea from Carol over at Ctonabudget and started making herbal iced tea.  Found all sorts of assorted flavors (this is blueberry) from when our daughter lived at home.  Using it up, staying hydrated without the caffeine.  (New restrictions made me cut way back on my coffee consumption) 

Enjoying my beautiful lilacs in our bedroom.  Thankfully not allergic to these, and DH enjoys their aroma. 

I used leftover cherry pie filling and left over strawberry sauce (that I made for Uncles birthday cheesecake) to make cherry breakfast bread and strawberry muffins.  

What were your frugal activities this week?


  1. The blueberry tea sounds refreshing! Especially in this weather! Currently, we are enjoying apple-cinnamon as that is the least "Fall like" flavor I have on hand. Using what we have. : )

  2. Let's see......we ate at home for every meal and used up all leftovers. That's about it. lol

    While we were away I found a Hibiscus concentrate. It's quite tasty and I can use it straight or add it to iced tea. I also have tons of herbal tea bags I should make iced tea with.


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