Friday, April 29, 2016

Grocery Totals in April

April 6 BJ's wholesale, the biggest trip of the month. Two bags tortilla chips, 3 lbs tomatoes, Large Hellmann's mayo squeeze bottles, 8 count cukes, small tup organic herbs, large bag mixed peppers, 3 lbs carrots, 18 pack Thomas' english muffins, Bag of DH's favorite chocolate chip cookies, Egglands best Liquid Eggs, Large tub fresh salsa, 24 ounce mushrooms, 3 lbs bananas, 2 lb sour cream, iceburg lettuce, gallon of milk, gallon Trop oj, large bag of Crumbled bacon, box of mini guacamole tubs, beef jerkey, rye bread, jimmy dean turkey links, 2 forty pack spring water, 2 tubs of land o lakes light butter, Plus two things I cannot decipher or remember what they are, LOL.  $155.43

April 8 Produce Market, 46.02 included a large slice of blue cheese, small jar of maries blue cheese dressing,  scallions, leek, brocolli rabe, peppers, strawberries, broccoli, deli salad, pepperoni and sourdough bread.  46.02

April 10 unexpected visit to my Mom.  We brought 6 'just enough' desserts from Big Y.  $15.16

April 10 Target 4 sixteen count boxes of Starbucks Cafe Verona KCups, a box of Kashi granola bars, A box of Special K cereal and a box of Kashi GoLean Cereal.  $47.22.  Also will be getting a $5 gift card from Starbucks.

April 13 BJ's large Maries blue cheese dressing (for the same price I paid on the 8th at the produce market, lesson learned) 5 lbs sweet onions, large box of organic baby lettuce mix, sirloin tips. 35.51

April 14 Shoprite 3 cases of water, 3 eight ounce bags of Shoprite shredded cheese, Calise Round Italian bread, Colonna Shredded Parmigiana, 4 lbs of navel oranges and a large bottle of Tropicana OJ.  32.01

April 15 Walmart 2 boxes of 8 bakery croissants marked down to 1.94 each (50% off) I froze these in ziploc two per sandwich baggie, 24 ounce Wrights bacon,  Large bag of Jones turkey breakfast sausage links (enough for a month)Three boxes of cake mix, Strawberry fruit topping, Two frostings.  $34.50    A little side note, I made Angel Food Cake for my DD's birthday.  Not realizing I needed a special pan, I put half of it in a regular Bundt pan and the other half in a 9 inch loaf pan.  Since this cake rises so much, it was perfect.  Two cakes for the price of one!

April 18 Produce market, green and red peppers, loaf of italian crusty bread, swiss chard.  $12.18

April 20 Stop and Shop Bakery bagel (free) Bakery muffin (free) 4 cases store brand spring water, 3 large cans goya beans, goya olive oil, goya sazon, (all goya towards savings star deal) balsamic vinegar, 8.18 lb roasting chicken (pd 6.46) 80% ground beef 2.51 lbs I paid 7.50, ground turkey I paid 2.99 for 18 ounces.  Red grapes .99 a pound, 24 ounces of mushrooms 3/$5, bananas, cauliflower, lettuce, and one thing I cannot remember and cannot decipher on receipt.  After all coupons I paid 65.41

April 21 Shoprite Another head of iceburg (just .49 with SR coupon), SR sugar (.99 with coupon), 4 lbs oranges, 4 Dannon yogurt, LOL butter, .98 lbs tomatoes, 3# onions, celery, three earthbound herb salads (my best deal but sadly I can no longer eat, more on that in a different post)  Priced at 2.69 each, buy 3 get $3 off after mfg coupons I had I paid $1.07 for all three!, Large package of Chicken leg quarters .59 a pound (should have bought more) and one package .80% lean ground beef at 1.99 a pound (3.29 pounds for $6.55)  Total spent after coupons was 22.16

Total for the month was $465.60.   $34.40 to the HSA.  Which is now needed.  Again, another post.

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