Friday, April 22, 2016

Frugal activities and cooking

No food waste.    I had some Strawberries which had seen better days became Strawberry muffins.   

I made two batches of cold press iced coffee.   

Monday's grilled sausage/peppers/onions leftovers were added to Wednesday's Swiss chard.     

Tuesday's meatloaf was dinner and then lunches.   

Thursday's turkey breast/Brussels sprouts/rice leftovers became soup on Saturday.  

Friday was burgers, mushrooms and fries.   

Lunches were spring mix with tuna or salmon pouches, leftover squash soup, hard boiled eggs.   


  1. Thats an awesome job! I get so annoyed at food waste. It's just $$ and my time into the trash/compost bin. Especially when it's things like fruit - so little is in Eason it's to expensive to waste


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