Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Updated grocery totals

Well, massive fail for my DH with NOT drinking the Uncles soda purchased last month.  I thought (per his words) that these 12 packs would last us at least 5 months.  Nope, DH got a taste for the diet Sunkist soda, and has been drinking it.  Grrrrrr

So, I purchased the last 4 cases of Sunkist Diet and 2 cases of Dr. Pepper Diet.  I had a $5 ECB that was due to expire and used that.  Total spent 21.68

Arggghhhh Total spent this month $425.28.  Some of anticipated 'kick in' didn't happen Sunday (Uncle requested we order the trays, and I totally expected him to reimburse us.....he seems to be depending on us feeding him more and more)

As I write this he did a pop in and was complaining I didn't give him enough chili to take home.  I said I was going to start charging him a food stipend.  He got quiet, LOL.

So, trying very hard to not do much more this month.  I truly was hoping to be under 350 based on all the Can Can purchases.  Didn't happen.

Only purchases will be produce and dairy rest of the month.  New goal is no more than 500.

Really looking forward to spring and being able to access my Market Share at the farmers market.  So glad that I did that.  Future produce (most of it, as the farm I did it with sometimes has some more exotic veggies) covered for the spring/summer quarter.  

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  1. Ouch about the soda! I hear you there since we go through it quite quickly too!
    I can't wait for the farmer's market to reopen as well...Papa and I were thinking of going by the indoor one to see what is available but, in truth, I know what I will find -- a lot of bakery items! And we don't need any more of that in the house right now. Haha!
    Honestly, I still think you are doing a great job with the budget - especially with what's been thrown your way with the Uncle and DH's new love of diet Sunkist! ;)


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