Sunday, February 21, 2016

New sheer voile curtains for very little OOP

At times the sun is blinding coming into our living room window. I had beautiful long drapes pulled to the side of each window but I don't like to close them because they were so long. I decided to get 63 inch sheers and have been looking for a good deal.

I had $30 in Kohls cash, $10 in earned rewards that you get back in your email, and my husband had received an $11 gift certificate in the mail for being an 11 year customer. $51 at Kohls to spend. After discussing any needs with my husband we decided that I would look for a curtain deal here.

 I narrowed the search by color and length.  I then did the math to see what the best deal would be these are the sheer curtains that I decided upon. They actually match the wall color perfectly.

After deciding upon my purchase I logged in to Ebates and then went to Kohls through their browser.

I put eight panels in my cards they were on sale for $8.99 each originally $14.99 each. After deducting all of my certificates, and using the love 30 code to get 30% off I ended up spending $16.15 for over $100 worth of product. Of that total that I spent $8.95 was the shipping and $.96 was the tax. Even better?  I scored $6.90 back from Ebates (on the starting total)  So, a full picture window dressed for $9.25.    I thought that was a deal.


  1. could they have been shipped to the store for free?

    1. They could have.........and I did consider this. I try to do all errands in a loop. The nearest Kohls are in towns I do not go to or through frequently. I thought about the time needed to drive there and back and decided to pay the shipping.

  2. That definitely was a deal! Great job finding them for so cheap!


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