Friday, February 5, 2016

Meeting Personal Goals!

I think I have done pretty good this week with the walking goal.  

Lowest day, I had to sleep. 

And today isn't over yet!


  1. Sandie-a quick question: you have referenced using aps on your smart phone and saving as a result. Not owning a smart phone, I didn't pay too much attention. Can you tell me about savings aps with Smart phones as I now do have one. Thanks. Carol (

  2. Hello Carol. You will save alot of money with savingstar, IBOTTA , target cartwheel. I have yet to cash out with checkout 51 (almost at 20 mark) and Snap by groupon. Last two can be done at any stores and you upload photo of receipt. Others sometimes go through your shopper card at specific stores and sometimes you have to scan upcs and receipts. Check them out and I will be happy to answer any questions. I have cashed out multiple times with savingstar and IBOTTA


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