Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Almost Free pain relief

Still nursing shoulder injury (old, recurring)  It is becoming bothersome, and I'm thinking an orthopedic visit with a cortisone shot might need to happen.  Trying to avoid it with stretches, motrin, heat and ice.   Massage/therapy appointment has been moved up three times due to weather.  Hopefully get seen Friday.  So, using another $5 ECB, I got the below item.   It does heat up nicely and I can put it under clothes.  I dug for a bonus pack, got 5 of them for just $2.44.  Worth it.  

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  1. Good to know these work! I tend to carry stress in my neck and shoulders and turn to Icy Hot when the muscles knot/bunch would be nice to know I have an alternative to not smelling like an old lady next time it happens. LOL


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