Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Trying to stay accountable in my grocery spending

I wanted some salmon, so off to BJ's wholesale we went.  $92.14 was spent.  I was hoping to just get the Salmon, but with DH along for the trip all bets are off.   Besides my Salmon (which will account for at least 6 servings) we got Sirloin Tips, Herb Spring Lettuce Mix, Frozen Birdeye steamfresh (think there are 4 bags in the package), two cups of Pom seeds (my new addiction, and one of the few fruits I will eat), a very large container of Greek vanilla yogurt and two cases of DH's junk food choice ritz crackers and cheese (we bought two as when Gpa P finds them there is no stopping him) and a box of Drakes coffee cakes.  

I am already at a spend of $523.25 for January.   Though alot of this is for future months.  I'm hoping Sluggy or CTMOM will tell us how to figure out how we should budget in these CanCan future purchases in our spending.  


  1. In further contemplation I realized that alot of the purchases were not actual food stuffs but papergoods. Need to recalculate.

  2. Well if you are getting deals that you need I don't see anything wrong with spending now to save later as long the stock ups mean you are not spending(or spending less)for those things in future months. Shopping at those warehouse stores are deadly to the current food budget but in the long run(if you are calculating that they actually save you on smaller/grocery store purchases)they help, though it looks bad for this 1 month.
    Or if you know an event(Can Can sale, etc.)will be happening in X month then figure out how much you usually spend on these stock-ups and divide that cost into the months before it happens and take that amount out of each monthly food budget and put aside for the event. (IE-Can Can is in 6 months, I spend/or hope to spend $200 on that, so put asided $34 each month preceding that event.

  3. I totally get your addiction to Pom seeds - although I can't say that I have seen them at Costco the last couple of times I went with my parents.
    I know you said you need to recalculate but I think you did really well at under $100 at BJ's! And I completely hear you about bringing someone - when Guppy 1 comes with us to Costco, it's crazy! (But my parents love it so they invite her if we go on a weekend. LOL)

  4. Agree with Sluggy: go over this mont's budget, try to spend less next month OR figure out what you usually spend in jan (and July) for can-can, divide by 12 and that's what you need to deduct from the reg grocery budget on a monthly basis to make up for it.

  5. I agree w Sluggy & CTmom. We know CanCan is always in January....always has been - I use it as my stock up time and try to eat accordingly all year to make up for it and to make room in the pantry


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