Monday, January 25, 2016

Final purchase numbers for January

After getting feedback from CTMOM at  ,   CTBargainMom at , Sluggy at and TracyeeBee at I readjusted my thinking on cash spent.  I also did some readjustment to the total removing all the cleaning/paper products from my spend.

So, after taking out the non edible products I have spent $473.34, most of which has restocked the pantry with canned tomatoes, soups, bread crumbs, olive oil and other odds and ends.

Further edible purchases in the month have been

Big Y Ground Beef at 2.99 a pound $10.74 PLUS got 10% off on that as I went on January 19th where everyone could get 10% off with a coupon so true price paid was 9.67.

ShopRite final visit was two more cases of Tuttorosa crushed tomatoes six packages of Jones all natural turkey sausage patties pepperoni a gallon of milk and three vegetarian frozen souffl├ęs that I could make myself but there quick for me to throw in the bag to bring to the studio. After coupons I paid 44.29.

BJ's for 'storm prep'   Uncle was here, so a request took me off of plan, but the meal will last for days.  Meatloaf mix, Croissants, crusty bread, challah bread (2 pack), salsa, croutons.  45.93.   The meat was used for the chili AND meatballs.

Produce market, DH's favorite crusty bread , two 8 ounce packages mushrooms, celery, cheese sticks (I hadn't eaten yet for the day and was crashing badly), baby carrots, Marie's blue cheese dressing.  35.69

Total spent in January  609.19       Alot I know.  But then I take into consideration the pantry is FULL.  We have storage in our basement besides.  4 full cases of Tomatoes still shrink wrapped.  That's $32.00 for the future.  4 canisters of breadcrumbs.  That's $3.08 for the future.  6 cans of EVOO  $53.28 for the future.  24 cans Tomato Soup $18.48 for the future.  10 jars of Pasta sauce.  $7.70 for the future. 8 boxes of K Cups $71.94   I'm sure I'm missing more than a few 'future uses' as I am going by memory.

Total spent this month minus those future uses 422.71.   Under budget.   "Cheshire Cat Grin"


  1. Good job!
    Now just be sure and subtract those future purchases from your food spending in the coming month. 8-)

  2. I think you did really well! And you definitely did the right thing in subtracting your "future uses" from this month's overall spent. AND you have a house stuffed full of food - which is always a great thing! =)


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