Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Can Can week 2

3 cases of Poland Spring Water.   2 cases Tuttorosa tomatoes.  A five lb bottom round potroast at 2.99 a pound.   Four packages of Thomas' English Muffins.   18 count eggs.   One 8 ounce package shredded   cheese.   Two four packs of yogurt.   Half gallon of milk.   Two more cans of Botticelli EVOO.  2 large Heinz ketchup.   4 cans solid white tuna.  2 clearanced holiday rubbermaid takealongs (and found a savingstar deal making them FREE) 2 packages of feminine products. 3 Colonna breadcrumbs and 7 Colonna pasta sauce (for quick meals). 1 Skippy peanut butter.  A new to me product, Banza chickpea pasta that will be FREE after sale price and IBOTTA.   

A large pack of paper towels.  

TOTAL PAID IS 105.84.    Total saved 103.56


  1. You have inspired me to rethink where I am going to shop this weekend/next week! I was planning on heading to our local Stop and Shop because I have a $7/$140 coupon, however, I think I can score some much better deals at ShopRite! I will be looking through their flyer later today. Plus the Stop and Shop coupon is good through 1/31 so I'm not too worried about it! =)

  2. Near 50% savings rate? Well done....


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