Monday, November 16, 2015

Farmers Market and Friends of Edgewood Program Second Review

Going to get my eight stamp (second time around)

Received $10 to spend at any vendor

Chose a sourdough boule for free.

I of course got the english muffins, 8 this time.  

Finally a picture of DH's sweets.  Chocolate Croissant and a Raspberry Danish
I used the coins at SoNo, but still shelled out $16.50.  This is a favorite of mine though, and I rarely eat breads.  I will not give them up until the market ends. 

1/2 pound of lettuce and more leeks from Four Root Farm. 
This is their last time at the market this year, I look forward
to my new Market Share program with them next spring/summer/fall. 

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