Sunday, October 11, 2015

Pepperidge farms outlet store

DH and I had a rare full day together!     His job had inventory today so the HUB he manages here in CT had no deliveries.  

I went to the farmers market (separate post) with the Uncle in the morning.   Then after breakfast we went off to the Tanger outlet in Westbrook.      The goal was to replace our 20 year old assorted pots and pans for newer better quality.    

We did.....but this post is about me finding a bakery outlet there!    Here is what we got for a whopping $13.68.  

DH is happy with his snacking future, and I was happy with the price.  Not sure how my photos got flipped around, forgive the side views.

Raisin Cinnamon swirl bread and marble/rye bread.  


new favorite goldfish 'puffs'.  41 pieces is a serving, I like that hubby see's quantity with a baked not to many calories salty treat. 

Pretzel thins for me.  

A bag of 12 single serving puffs. 

a carton of 20 single serve milanos. 

Freebies below were thrown in because I paid with singles and then offered them 10 dollars more of singles when they became excited that I had so many.  Nice bonus.  

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  1. We used to have several outlets out West, on my end of the state. They closed, not sure if ANY others extsr.


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