Sunday, October 4, 2015

Farmers Market October 4th

Spent 41.25 today

One of the breads I can eat without stomach issues.  Rye Oat with seeds.  Very heavy and large bread.  $6.00

Organic Swiss Chard $3

Organic squash, close to the end of the season.  $4

Organic Cabbage, $3

Pretty good size!

6 English Muffins from Soho Bakery.  Last week I thought they were $2.25 each, but I asked and they are $2.50.  Half is enough for one person.  Most delicious english muffin I have ever eaten.  I chose to not get pretzel rolls in exchange for these.  I spent $18.00 at this vendor today (counting DH's sweets pastries)

Not organic eggplant.  $3

Also not shown 1/2 dozen eggs, 3.25.  


  1. beautiful produce! my extended CSA Fall season starts this coming Fri, sigh . .have to wait n see.

  2. How I miss going to City Seed! Another weekend we didn't go since Papa is away on a business trip. Hopefully NEXT weekend we will get there for some fresh vegetables but, truthfully, my house is stocked to the gills at the moment.


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