Sunday, October 11, 2015

Farmer's Market 10/11/15

I always make a bee line to SONO Bakery first.  DH looks forward to his Chocolate Croissant and Raspberry Danish.  I also got 6 of their English Muffins.  This is my one gluten product that I will allow myself.  I try to limit gluten.  Sometimes it is pretzel rolls, and sometimes these muffins.  Other times I go for rye bread. I also treated myself this week, and bought a slice of lemon pound cake.  It has very little sugar in it and lots of lemon.  I ate half of the slice.  Total spent was $24.25.   A bit pricey I know, but quality. 

Next was Four Root Farm, certified organic.  Had a nice chat with some of the farmers.  I purchased some fresh ginger, and plan on using the greens in soups and not sure what to do with the hand.  Any ideas?  It was so beautiful and fresh...........  A pie pumpkin and a bunch of swiss chard.  $10.75

Final stop was another organic farm (but I don't remember their name!)   A huge beautiful head of broccoli and 4 yellow squash.  I know the season for the squash is almost done, but I want to enjoy it as much as I can.  DH ribbon slices it it and sautes with onion and butter.  Like eating noodles.   

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  1. YUMMY!!! I love the squash ribbons idea! I miss the farmers market so much! We haven't been in over a month or so between Papa being away and then other commitments. Sadly, this weekend looks to be the same. I am going to have to live vicariously through you until we get there again! =)


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