Sunday, September 27, 2015

Farmers Market and Friend of Edgewood Market plan 9/27/15

Two beautiful bunches of organic Swiss chard six dollars

Two large heads of sweet lettuce three dollars

Sweet potato greens, a new idea that I will steam quickly in water and then add to a pan to saute in olive oil and garlic three dollars

Total of 4 english muffins (only three shown) and 2 pastries (DH ate them).  Retail was 16.50.    I paid 6.50.   Best English muffins I have ever eaten in my life.  See Friends of Market post at bottom.   

 Six pretzel rolls six dollars

Beautiful large loaf of nuts and raisins bread. Whole-wheat. Retail is 675. I did not pay for, it also a part of the friends of the market program.  

Not pictured is the Chicken Sausage $9.80

The city seed Edgewood Park farmers market has a program called friends of the market. It only works in Edgewood market. For $30 I received a punchcard after eight visits you get to pick a loaf of bread and a choice and you receive $10 of tokens that can be used on anything in the market.  I used the tokens at the Sono bakery tent.    I also received a new punchcard. Definitely worth the original donation. All friends of the farmers markets preseason donations health snap clients double their money as well as support other programs for the city seed Edgewood Park farmers markets such as performers demonstrations and other fun activities.   I may just recoup my donation money.   


  1. Nice haul today! Although I must admit I have never used (nor even seen!) sweet potato greens! I take it that you treat them like you would beet greens or something similar?

  2. Was new to me too. I asked some questions and figured I would give them a go! Part of the morning glory family per the farm representative.


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