Friday, September 18, 2015

Apples as the frugal activity for the month

I have picked 70 pounds of apples so far from my own tree.  McIntosh.  This tree was planted by my Grandfather and is the last fruit producing tree on our property.  We have a pear tree too, but it only had 5 pears on it this year, and something got them all.

If I had gone to a pick your own farm I would have paid around $132.00!

Big shout out to Margaret H for taking the pictures as I forgot to do so at her house this week.  We only peeled through one bag.  I am so grateful to her that she is doing most of this food creation.

 One bag of apples

 Apple Butter.  Look how thick!

Chunky apple Sauce

Cover on partially to allow for evaporation. 

Final products!
Artistic photo.  


  1. We have two older trees and one Liberty that is 4 years old. All three trees are loaded with apples. We lost two apple trees to Irene. Our peach trees only had a small amount of fruit. They were damaged in Irene too.
    Do you dry apples for winter pies? I make the applesauce, apple butter and we do some cider. Barbara

    1. This is the first year that I have been on the ball enough to actively pick. I wish I could get up higher (have been using a picking tool on a pole)

  2. Yummy looking! I can't wait to find a couple hours to go pick my apples!

    1. If you have a ladder truck you are welcome to the one's up high at my place, lol

  3. SEVENTY POUNDS?!?!?! Wow! That's great! And Mac's are pretty versatile too. Papa and I went apple picking today after his job interview but only grabbed about 3lbs since we will be taking the Guppies in a few weeks.
    Now, I really really want to plant those apple trees in my yard! =)

    1. I want to plant more fruit bearing trees/shrubs too.


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