Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Still can't get my groove back and my DD's life change.

I have resigned myself that I cannot get back into my 'groove' until my Uncle has moved into his own house.  Today I did announce Salmon will be the protein, hopefully they won't pull a last minute change.  I have squash from the farmers market, and we will make rice.

I have done two shopping trips (with a list and coupons) mainly for my daughter who came home for a visit and a list of needs/wants.    So, I will fill you in on her new situation here.

She went up North, had several interviews, got a roommate and moved to NH all on her own!  Got a job in VT! While we were on one of our 4 day jaunts.  It had been discussed, but we didn't think anything would really happen so quickly.  And she is flourishing!

All this happened because a longtime relationship ended suddenly, and it threw her (and us) into a bit of a tailspin.  But she certainly has picked herself up and moved on with her life, and I am so very proud of her.

We haven't given her any financial help expect for these Mom can you make me, or Mom can you pick up a (colander, tongs).  I enjoy cooking, so making sure she has a cooler full of healthy food options makes me feel better.  She is still learning to cook, and trying to save money to get her own place.

So, I have made my chicken/eggplant concoction for her to take.  A quiche.  Chicken Breast meatloaf.  I have hummus and cheese sticks for her to take home.  Several different coldcuts and cheeses for sandwiches.  I will have fresh produce for her to take, as well as some frozen vegetable steam bags.  I will cook swiss chard before she leaves, and pierogies too.

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