Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Mennonite and Amish farm buys

These three items (Pepper & Onion Relish, Bread & Butter pickles and Bacon Dressing) were all from the Intercourse Canning Company.  You can participate in FREE canning demonstrations Wednesday through Saturday here.  Not pictured is the Amish Meatloaf Sauce that I used today on a ground Chicken Meatloaf.  Delish!  Visiting this location was on our 'to do' list.   Total spent was $23.00

Last time we were in PA Hubs wanted to get Root Beer from an Amish family's home, but we didn't time it right.  This time it was on our to do list.  It was our first stop on Monday morning.  I snagged the last Peach jam they had (oh yes!) and DH got a cold pint bottle of Root Beer which he enjoyed right then and there (as I played with their baby goats) and we also took home a gallon jug that is now waiting in the fridge for another day.  Can't forget the freshly made potato chips!  Total for these items $13.50

We also stopped at a Mennonite farmers market.  A Half Bushel of tomatoes for $5.25.  15 tomatoes

A dozen ears of corn (I cooked 6 today to go with the meatloaf) for 2.50.  It was the sign for the corn that got us to turn around!

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  1. Great finds! Making me both hungry and wanting to take a road trip! =)


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