Sunday, August 16, 2015

Amazing Organic and Commercially Farmed Farmers Market Prices

I was amazed at the prices today!   

This eggplant was not organic, but I am not a 'it has to be organic all the time gal'.  I spent $2.50 for these beautiful medium sized eggplants.  

Organic Swiss Chard.  $2.00!   This was a huge bunch, filled my wok full.  I cooked it for Gpa P's dinner tonight, olive oil, fresh garlic and pork sausage locally raised from True Love Farm (this was in the freezer from a Wooster Market Trip)  

Huge head of broccoli.  $2.00!   This was not organic.  I added some to a salad I made, prepped the rest for cooking later in the week and chopped up the stems and froze them to add to a ham/broccoli bake later in the month. 

Gooseberries!  $5.00.   A bit tomatoey/fruity.  Delicious!

They look like chinese lanterns!

These are Mexican sour gherkins.  The size of a thimble (see them in the salad below)  I got a pint of them for $4.00.  Organic.  Delicious!

This salad is made from a head of organic loose leaf lettuce (2.00)  organic zebra tomatoes (a dozen was $4.50) Mexican gherkins and non organic pickling cukes (got 8 for 2.00)

Total spent on produce $21.50

I also spent $15.25 on baked goods.  Two pretzel rolls from G Cafe, a chocolate croissant, small monkey bread, small banana/chocolate chip loaf and a caramelized onion/olive foccaccia from SoNo bakery.    Bought more baked goods then usual as Uncle is still with us, and he has been bugging me to bake, but it's just to darned hot!

Oh, and of course I got my friends of the market card punched!

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  1. Whoa! Looks like I missed out today! Everything looks so fresh and delicious! And, as always, can't be the price - especially on the swiss chard!


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