Friday, July 17, 2015

What we are out of and starting to replenish

So, I have checked out the 'coffers'.   We are out of canned tuna, down to two cans of Campbells Tomato (only because I had hidden them well) bottled water, ground coffee, disinfectant wipes, baby wipes, milk, eggs, bread.  No celery, carrots, or lettuce.

I had purchased duck eggs before we left, Gpa P let me know he didn't eat them as he looked them up and they have three times the cholesterol of a chicken egg.  So, within 5 days, he consumed every egg in the house!  Two dozen!

I am having trouble getting back into the groove, but I did go to BJ's wholesale and spent $124.50.   July grocery totals are now at $302.36

Two cases of bottled water, salmon and frozen shrimp.   Carrots, mushrooms,  celery, fruit, english muffins, guacamole singles (a want) pita chips (another want), a case of Oikos yogurts (had a coupon three dollars off),  large containers of fresh salsa, plain yogurt and sour cream.  Really not much I know.    But we ate the salmon for dinner on Wednesday with rice and frozen broccoli, and I've eaten it twice since (with more leftover!)  I love fish.  My favorite protein besides eggs.

I put together a meatloaf for DH to bake today when he gets home.  All from the freezer and pantry.  This with mushrooms and probably more rice.


  1. It's not funny but 2 dozen eggs in 5 days,how much cholesterol was that? Cheryl

    1. This is the logic that is my father.


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