Monday, July 6, 2015

Saturday City Seed Wooster Square Farmers Market

Just my second visit to this market as I usually am not free on Saturdays.  Probably my last as I don't have any open Saturdays for the rest of the year.  July 4th they were quieter than the first visit, and I already had a game plan for what I wanted to get.  Here is what I got.  No SoHo bakery items this time, as I am trying to avoid wheat products/carbs and didn't want to be tempted.  Also saved me alot of cash, as their tent is usually the most expensive item I purchase.

3 very large squash for breads $3.00, 4 yellow squash and 3 green squash $8.00, Duck eggs (half dozen) 4, Scapes and white turnips 18, Chocolate milk for DH and yogurt for me 10.50, 
Apple Cider Donut 1  (okay, that went down the tube quickly), Mint 3 and Cukes 2.

All but the scapes were for me, and I'm hoping if I cover some of the costs of the scapes I will score one jar of the pesto that my friend is planning on making with them.  What do you say MH?


  1. Of course the week I can't go it's not as crazy there! LOL And, aren't those doughnuts just divine? Papa and I adore them! I have been meaning to ask you, where is the Edgewood one held? We are still figuring our way around New Haven so that may seem like a stupid question but I figure you're the girl to ask for directions! =) I have seen on the City Seed facebook page that sometimes the Edgewood market has farm stands that aren't at the Wooster one.

  2. Hi Traycee! Corner of West Rock and Whalley Ave. Limited parking in a lot right there, or street parking. Of the two Markets Wooster has more vendors, but I noticed pricing is a bit higher. There are different vendors (and some shared vendors) at both. Edgewood is less crowded IMO, now that I have been to both. And those donuts are a problem for me (though delicious, lol)


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