Friday, July 24, 2015

More shopping

So, I went over my $500.00 per month grocery max, but some of the items I purchased will go way into August, so I don't feel badly.

Before these trips I was at 302.36.    I spent 153.23 at BJ's (all edibles) and 117.39 at Shoprite (almost all edibles)  Total spent in July $572.98 plus 24.98 at Target for ground coffee (3 bags of Starbucks) and dish detergent.

Proteins that will go into August are 5 dozen eggs (recent events prove these will get eaten quickly), Sirloin tips (we had 3 meals out of this this week), 3 pounds of taco flavored ground pork.  We had this once before and I was impressed, was happy to find it again.  Chicken breasts and chicken thin sliced breasts (some of the breasts were used already, and the rest were frozen), Turkey breakfast sausage patties, a Cooks Butt portion and a Cooks Shank portion (.99 and .89 a pound) 4 pounds of 16-20 count shrimp and 8 cans of tuna.

Fresh veggies were 6 pounds of tomatoes (only 2 left, sheesh I just did this purchase on Tuesday), celery, carrots, fruit, iceburg lettuce, organic herb spring mix and 4 peppers.

Paper goods 20 rolls of Marcal toilet paper.

Canned goods/pantry items  6 cans of black olives, club sized bag of Hormel real bacon bits, 2 large jars Claussen pickles (this was a want of mine) Twelve 28 ounce cans of Tuttoroso tomatos, 5 cans Goya low sodium beans, two 32 ounce of Hellmans light mayo, two 16 ounce Simply Jif peanut butter, two 64 ounce Wesson vegetable oil, 2 bags of Magic Pop snack wafers.

Dairy was 20 different yogurts as requested from family members, all were on sale and I had several coupons.

All in all, I think I made sound purchases.

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  1. You did a great job! Especially since you have a head start for August! I'm sure you will find it more than evens out at the end of next month!


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