Monday, July 27, 2015

Farmers market purchases

Total spent between two locations 52.25.  All produce but the tomatoes were from certified organic farms. 

Beautiful Swiss Chard, $3.00

Fairy eggplant $4.00

Bedroom bouquet $5.00

Cippollini Onions $4.00

Not pictured one apple cider donut $1.00 (eaten upon purchase) chocolate croissant and apple turnover from SoNo Bakery $6.50 (DH treats) four small pretzel rolls $4.00, one pound of kohlrabi $4.00 six ears of corn $4.00 and four beautiful cucumbers $1.75.  

All of the above were purchased at the City Seed Edgewood market.  I missed the few tomatoes they had, so I went to a market by the house and got 5 pounds of NJ tomatoes for $7.50.  

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  1. You did a great job! Love the sunflowers! I either missed those on Saturday or the vendor wasn't there/didn't have them.


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