Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Vermont Adventure, More Oak Finds and Speed Traps

Final pieces were found in Barre Vermont this past Sunday. I had been searching for antique shops in Vermont.......and I had a feeling that this shop would be our spot.   This spot is owned by a husband and wife........... http://lasttimearoundantiques.com/   He works there full time, and she fills in when she can.  Lovely couple, I enjoyed my time talking with them.  Well, I was right....we found our final two big pieces there.  The piece below I actually saw on their website.   Forgive the 'messiness' near the newest in the bedroom find..............I had to take the pic in a hurry.   This piece has matching hardware to our other pieces.  Oak, late 1800's early 1900's.   We paid $178.00!     

We couldn't fit both pieces in our vehicle though.  So here is a photo of our final piece.  See the sold sign!  DH is in the photo as well.  It's lighter than our other pieces, but has hardware that is the same style.  Also oak.  Another hatbox!  We decided this one would be all mine (we are sharing the above dresser)   They did have another dresser that was the same stain as our other pieces..........also in good shape, but I couldn't convince my husband that it was the one (though I still liked it for it's unusual shape)   I am happy with our final piece.    Just have to wait for June 21st to come around to go back up to get it.  I am very happy with the price too, $319.00!!

The enjoyment of the day and the savings were unfortunately negated by the two (YES TWO) speeding tickets that we received.  The first just 4 exits into the fine state of Vermont and the second was received in the very town the shop owners warned us about.

Now, I am aware that my husband can have a lead foot.  The first ticket I had been dozing, so I cannot say for sure if the situation was what he said it was..........but the second ticket I totally agreed it was a speed trap.  Both times the officers were visibly parked on the left side of the road.  We were coming from a 50 mph zone going toward a reduced speed area.  The second time I pointed out there was an officer up ahead and that there was a sign notifying us that there was a speed change up ahead (50 to 35).  The officer had his lights on before we were even in front of him, we pulled over with the new speed sign at least 200 feet ahead of us and he said were were going 50 in the 35.  I started to speak up and DH pinched me.  First ticket was $185 and the second one was $154!!!!    Now our antiques are a bit more expensive.  As well as the 6 points on his license.

What really frustrated me was that there was a person right on our tail who sped by as we pulled over.
But...........we agreed to pay the tickets as we drove home at what felt like a snails pace.  To fight the tickets would take a day off from work for DH (perhaps even two) and we now have an interesting story to tell.

I think I'll be driving when we go up to pick up our last piece.  LOL

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  1. Wow! First off -- GREAT pieces! Second though -- TWO speeding tickets in Vermont?!? I wonder if they had a quota to fill or something because that is extremely unusual to happen anywhere but even more so in Vermont! Papa and I have been going to Vermont since 1991 (back before kids at least four times per year!) and, as you have seen through my blog, we are up there now frequently for day trips. I happen to have quite the lead foot and Papa does do most of the driving but we haven't ever (knock on wood) gotten a ticket up there. Papa always says they don't give out speeding tickets to out of state cars so it doesn't deter tourism. Back before I met him, he and a friend would go up to VT to go skiing and the friend was pulled over a few times but always given a warning.
    Going to have to keep an eye out now for sure!
    And, I agree that second ticket was a Dukes of Hazzard style speeding trap! Shame on them!


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