Tuesday, May 5, 2015

What to do with an abundance of chives

I have huge huge bunches of chives in various spots in my garden.

Today I decided to try some experiments.

I chopped bunches off down almost to the root ball. It's ok!  The chives will continue to grow all season. It's best to do this before they flower because  once they flower the Stems become very tough and almost bitter if you wait until the end of the season.

I first wash them off, and then gave them a quick chop, before I put them in my food processor.

The first batch I just finally chopped, 

and I used those in a chive bacon leftover cream  cheese quiche.  

I then did my first batch of chive pesto. Though I do have some pignoli nuts in the freezer, I didn't want to waste them on this if I didn't like the base taste. I continued to pulse the food processor until they were finely chopped,  adding olive oil and several small chunks of Parmesan cheese.

 I have to admit it was kind of tasty. I plan on using it over pasta on another day, and have frozen it.   

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