Saturday, May 23, 2015

Saturday City Seed Market

Well, I was finally able to go to a Saturday Market in Wooster Park.    Lots more vendors, loads of fun and I actually ran into several people I knew!

I spent $43.00

I purchased a pound of bulk breakfast sausage from a new to me farm

I got two bunches of Broccoli Rabe (which is cooking now)

A large bunch of asparagus as my plants have petered out for the year.

A head of butter lettuce and lots of fresh basil from an old students husband.

Fresh butter from

I caved and had a cider donut (one of my favorite treats)

A small apple pie for DH from

A chocolate croissant for DH and a pretzel roll for me from     This bakery has the best prices around!

So definitely not a frugal trip.........but a fun social event with my sister and some old and new friends!      I am confident I can go there by myself once my sis moves down to FL.  I know the area, and felt comfy with where I ended up parking.   The only problem would be timing......I normally teach til 1130.  I would have to hightail it down there, and would get there with probably only 30 minutes left of the event.


  1. Glad you got down there! I don't know if you saw my response to you about parking. I wrote it late this morning/early afternoon. So, I hope parking wasn't too horrible. It was definitely MORE packed than usual when we were there (around 10:30). Where was the butter vendor? I would have loved some fresh butter! I can't believe we missed them!

    1. I was there at the same time! Probably walked right by each other. Since I know the wooster street area, I wasn't worried about walking, actually parked by TreScalini and walked about 4 blocks. The first tent on the Chapel street side on the left was the Dairy. Milk/Cream/Yogurts/Butter. Glad I went. Won't be able to make it every Saturday as I don't want to have to take the highway at top speed. But on occasion I can get out on a Saturday early, and then I will go. The Sunday market has only a third of the vendors. No fish, No dairy, No crepes. Still nice, but the Saturday market was huge compared.


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