Monday, May 11, 2015

Grocery Totals so far for May

I went to BJ's wholesale on April 30th, so I will count that towards May.   I am only going to list food stuffs.  For the most part the only protein I will be buying is seafood this month.  City Seed outdoor market opens this weekend!  I go on Sundays.   Total spent this trip 98.48

Two cases of 35/16.9 ounce Poland Springs water.  9.98 (plus 3.50 deposits.  We give my cousins daughter all of our refundable bottles for her to return and save the money towards school extras like field trips and book fairs, etc.  Every bit helps!

Iceburg Lettuce head 1.19

5 pound Green Giant Idaho bakers (husband prefers these larger potatoes) 2.69  I hope to get at least one 5 pound bag for .99 at ShopRite this month.

Very large Marie's blue cheese dressing.  An extravagance for me, but I make it last.  4.99

40 ounce bag of pistachios.  A low fat nut (really a seed) that we all enjoy.  I portion it out to make it last for the month.  Yes, I hide some of them so that they really do last.  16.99

10 ounce bag of skinny pop.  4.99   ( I will pop more throughout the month as I still have Boy Scout low fat microwavable bags)

1.5 pound fresh Haddock 9.58  

2 pounds of Sirloin Tips.  We have very little beef left, and not steak cuts.  DH has been a bit down due to a problem with some equipment and at the warehouse.  He hasn't been eating much, so I wanted to have something that he would really enjoy.  18.62

Don Miguel Breakfast Burritos.  9.99  DD favorite, for those mornings she is looking for something to eat.

32 ounce package of Wasabe Roasted peas.  Another snack item we haven't had in a while.  5.99

Wholly Guacamole minis.  8.99

Big Y on May 1st

Two dozen eggs B1G1 $2,99 (not the best price, but we will use them).   Ortega 40% lower sodium taco seasoning mix and 3 boxes of different pasta B1G2 free.  The Ortega will also be reimbursed in full through Saving Star.  I saw that I will be getting the presale price on the Ortega of $1.29.  So my total out of pocket for foodstuffs is  $4.68
Locally made in Rhode Island.  Any ideas for it's use?

May 2nd, horseradish, large bottle mocha coffee syrup and sweet crackers.  $15.00

May 3rd Opening Day CitySeed farmers market   $19.00     Organic swiss chard, locally raised and prepared pork sausage from Four Mile River Farm, an apple crumb pie and monkey bread from Sono Bakery and a chocolate croissant from G Cafe   .    No friends of the market cards available yet, but I will be grabbing one as soon as they are!

Big Y May 9  $20.62

Mother's Day seafood blitz, 2 pounds of 16-20 count shrimp for $13.98!  5 pounds of vidalia onions $3.50, 16 ounce Hood Sour Cream 1.74 and 4 yocrunch yogurts $1.40 (dairy items after coupons)

BJ's wholesale May 10   $100.81 

2.25 lbs of fresh Salmon, 8 pack of Bushes baked beans (after BJ's coupon and two additional mfg coupons I ended up just paying .57 cents per can!), 2 cases Poland springs water, Pam two pack (large cans), 48 ounce Tostitos Jug salsa (5.49 after coupon plus .25 from Ibotta), Naked Juice (DD) celery, 3 lbs Strawberries, Gallon Milk, sliced melon (not a frugal choice, but DD is dealing with some sadness, and hasn't been I didn't want to say no) Organic Mesclun/Herb salad, 58 ounce box of Goldfish (three big bags in box) 4 lbs baby carrots, organic cherry tomatoes (22 ounces) and a Gallon of Tropicana Orange Juice.

I anticipate spending very little from now until the 21 or 22nd  as Gpa P is going down to Florida AGAIN! Lucky food budget.  wink wink.

I will need to get some more produce.  We have plenty of lettuces, and now have enough asparagus from the garden for all household members for one meal.  I will buy whatever the best price I can find is, but would love broccoli, broccoli rabe, cukes, potatoes, and fiddleheads if I can find them.  Those are a real treat.

Total spent so far for May on groceries $258.59.  I had budgeted $500 so I have $241.41 left.  

Non food purchases which are not included in the grocery budget:   Cat litter 15.96 (been trying to find a brand we are happy with, think we did) cat food 11.40 cat food 12.74 Windex 10.25 Cat litter 10.99 (found a high value coupon, so bought more),  3 pack of Arm and Hammer Toothpaste 5.49, Beano 10.99.  $77.82 spent

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