Sunday, April 19, 2015

What's Cookin?

DH's delicious chopped salad.  This fed a family of 4 (I sometime's say 6 counting how Gpa P eats) for several days!   A pound of our Zaycon chicken breast grilled, a can of garbanzo (CeCe) beans, a can of corn, two large cucumbers diced, black and green olives halved, green and red pepper, onion, a head and a half of iceburg lettuce and tomato.  Shredded cheese and ranch with a splash of barbecue sauce for dressing.  He models this after the California Kitchen Barbecue chopped salad that he had once.  We sometimes add tortilla strips, but he couldn't find them in the store, and I wasn't home to make them for him when he created the salad.  This lasted from Monday to Thursday!  

I had purchased a refrigerated can of Crab meat (16 ounce by bumble bee, a new item) for just 6.99 after coupon!  I thought that was a great deal for picked crab meat.  The last of our warehouse sized mayo, a can of sliced olives, onion, celery, a box of Barilla white fiber shells I had gotten free with a coupon a while ago (B1G1 free sale also priced at a dollar a box, had a dollar off two).  Old Bay Seasoning.  This was a winner!

Still finding the last of the locally raised quarter of a steer we had purchased last june.  This was two soup shanks, I had browned and then put into the crockpot over night with onion skins, celery ends, carrot tops.  Look how dark this stock came out!  Then I strained everything, took all the meat off the bones, added lots of onion, chopped celery and carrots.  There is a small amount left, for maybe a lunch.  

Continuing to use it up!

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